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sea glass identification

How old is it and what could it have been? It is the sea glass collector’s Holy Grail, the most sought after sea glass color, maybe because red is a bright, emotional color. ~ sea glass question submitted by Christine , Seattle, WA Milk Glass? Hi all! I found this small orange/red figurine on a beach in Atlantic City NJ while searching for sea glass. Found on beach in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. My first time looking for Sea Glass I found a marble Found Feb 2020 in Puerto Vallarta Secrets Beach. But when held up to the light, it reveals …, What is my anchor piece of sea glass? River glass  Can you help me identify this river glass? Found this shard in a sandy river basin in Atlanta. Would love to know any more about them especially the orange clay looking one! Can’t te exactly what the image is but it’s actually embossed on what would be the inside bottom of a bottle. A blue and clear Swedish cased glass vase. Made by Sea Glasbruk, labelled. A smokey grey Swedish cased glass vase. Q: What kind of bottle would this stopper be from? Has …, Blue Sea Glass that is Really Brown? …, How old is this? It’s a face or a smiling …, What do you think? I was so lucky to find this gorgeous chunk of deep turquoise sea glass. Definitely not plastic. I put the light up to it and this is what happened. Animal Ivory Beach Find? A green and clear Swedish cased glass vase. The deck includes 35 sturdy cards organized by …, Identifying My Sea Glass  ~ Sea glass identification question submitted by Judy  I came across some sea glass at an estate sale. ~ sea glass question submitted by David in Washington State, USA Does anyone recognize what this piece of white sea glass is? The details of the crest-like mark on the fragment are partially worn away, but there is still …, Help Identify Large Sea Glass I found this in 2007 or 2008 while living in the FL Keys. We were at Nantasket Beach and we found this piece of sea glass. Near Thames, New Zealand 1 - I would like to …, Opaque orange Kenosha WI Opaque orange and other fun finds at Kennedy Park in Kenosha WI Huge, heavy chunk of white sea glass? Looks like it says kitchen in the middle and bouquet underneath, Old liquor bottle ? Found on Minster beach, Isle of Sheppey during the summer. This is an A5 size card. Color is aqua. They are my favorites …, What is the age and worth of my sea glass? One of my favorite pieces that I’ve found in Galveston, TX. Feels like pottery, and has deep red glaze like paint on it. More specifically, it’s the level of the tide. It’s a light blue marble heavily frosted barely any chips Sea Glasbruk is now part of Orrefors Kosta Boda. Need help identifying this piece  About 1 and a half inches, beige, a little bit sparkly, not smooth, but smooth edges, many small cracks. found in Atlantic City surf. ~ submitted by Dana …. Found on rocks at low tide outside …, Large green chunk with an "S" in a triangle. This well worn, frosty amber piece was found on Whiskey Island in Cleveland, on the shore of Lake Erie. I took the photos with an iphone …, Can you tell me what type of bottle this is It has a marking on the bottom looks like 01, Can anyone help identify this piece of sea glass? ---Bottle topper is in perfect condition! Can anyone help me identify this potential bottle shard? I recently found this piece of sea glass washed up on the shore of Brigantine, NJ! …, Old Button found on Beach? Some markings, but I am not that schooled in glass marks. ~ Submitted by ______________. The third line looks like either GEON or CEON It also has, what looks like, a multi armed creature. Canada     SONOMA PRESERVE CO, PETALUMA, …, "RESL"? Color charts have been created to help identify sea and beach glass, but cannot be totally accurate because of the many nuances in the colors. Looking for some help please identify what this could be from please? *Letters: In All Caps - GLAS, Any ideas as to what this could have been? I am exploring sea glass art and photography and loving it! Maybe you would consider this red but in the sun, it comes …. Hope someone can help me identify please and how old it could be please? Made by Sea Glasbruk, designed by Inge Samuelsson. This blackish brown ceramic was found on Coronado Beach in San Diego. It almost looks like a flattened marble . I found this piece on a remote beach …, Beach Pottery Pattern Identification   by Louise from Victoria, BC The pottery is white background with light blue flowers. Dane St. Beach, Beverly,Ma 2/16/18 Strange object. Found on CA coast. It is …, Red, Lavender, and Bumpy Green Sea Glass - San Diego? Can't imagine what it is...or was. (You can preview and edit on the next page). It’s huge and wondering how old it is / what it might be! Wide area is …, Identify this Flattened Sea Glass? It's about a half of a centimetre thick on the thicker part and only 3mm on the thin …, The words "wish bun" on sea glass? Can you help me identify this? Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Glassware expert Gene Florence has a series of three glass pattern …, Any idea about this logo? While both types of glass wash up on beaches, sea glass really is found near the sea. Robin …, Need help with identifying sea glass with wolf's head I found an aqua (ish) bottom of a bottle. ~ sea glass identification question submitted by Taylor in Omaha, Nebraska Sea Glass from Curaçao? To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Niantic Connecticut - Id floral marble? Sea glass, on the other hand, is well-frosted and has smooth edges from being churned by waves over time. Any …. This piece …, Found thos piece of beach glass in Lake Michigan just off Beaver Island. Found this huge marble in co Wicklow in Ireland I have found some thick gray sea glass on my beach in the Abacos (Bahamas). Sea glass is collected the world over. ~1" square ~ submitted by  Tara Dara , Clovis, California, USA The glass is convex on one side/concave on the other. ~ sea glass question submitted by  B.M. It is not like any other glass I have found. I found this pretty thick piece of green glass with the letters " LO " at the Fife Coat of Scotland. Seashellco offers the finest quality shells, sea life, home décor, jewelry, accessories and other products from around the world. Found …, Orange Beach Glass origin? Ive found a few of these pieces near Seabright New Jersey in the last month month??? A purple and clear Swedish cased glass vase. ~ Sea glass identification question submitted by  Dick in Rincon, Puerto Rico New Hampshire, USA  We find these covers on Rincon …, What is the Origin of this Sea Glass Bottle Shard? Made by Sea Glasbruk, with Hans Geismar import label. About Red Sea Glass - And Why It's So Rare...Read more about About Red Sea Glass - And Why It's So Rare. Clear glass. There is a streak of what looks like opaque white in it. A lot of them have a similar dome shape, and we were curious as to what these were, before they got …, Just wondering about this piece  Found in Cap Lumiere New Brunswick canada, Wondering where this came from! Pale blue What is it? Found on Rhode Island coast. Several pieces of pottery shards with designs - Trying to identify! Any help would be amazing! It …, Identify my sea glass - Near Ft. Story Chesapeake Bay,VA Near Ft. Story ~ submitted by Lauren S in Los Angeles, California Hello, These pieces were found on a small island off the coast of Panama and I'm hoping …, Please help identify this Red Sea Glass  ~ question submitted by  Tracy (UK) Hi I would be really grateful if anyone could help me identify this piece of red sea glass. TIA Found in FL - South Ponte VedreBeach. The back of each card lists the rarity of that colour, how often it might be found, and sources of glass produced in that colour to help in dating your sea glass … I found it at Surfside beach over the summer and need advice on what it is. Brown sea glass,found in the sand on a very rocky beach. Very detailed markings and a cool piece. Hello, I live in Sheboygan, Wi. Designers as the factory include Goran Anneborg, Lena Engman, Bjorn Ramel, Renate Stock and Rune Strand. What does unknown glass say? ), they are about a centimeter …, I’m not sure if it’s a bird or a dolphin was curious to what this is from I found it under a log as well as other great pieces  Blueish green looks like a bird or dolphin I’d love to find out what it’s from or maybe it’s just me , I’m a Cecil county resident found it In Aberdeen …, Does anyone know what bottled beverage this comes from? Worn down marble maybe? Age and location. Found on Long Beach Island Barnegat Light This piece of sea glass was found in Barbados, very dark green almost black. Made by Sea Glasbruk, designed by Inge Samuelsson. It has an interesting floral pattern that almost looks like a vine of berries …. This is a square ceramic or possibly even wood piece about 3/8" square brownish-color item with numbers on one side. On flat shard of brown glass. Post pictures of your sea glass or beach glass, join discussions, ask questions, sell […] I found several of this dome shape. I love the colors, just wondered if anyone has found similar piece! Foil has hints of red color spots here and there. It is about half an inch, flat and with a wave design. Any ideas on these markings from the Adriatic? I found this piece on Saltburn beach in North Yorkshire, UK. Brown seaglass White bottom of bottle found on Topsail 2164 on top Post your sea glass shard or other beach finds here for identification.Identification is very difficult or impossible without a photo. My friend just gave me these because he knows I'm interested in rocks and minerals. Highlands Scotland Hunting for Beryl on the river glass!..ironic I know but we have the river glass in Strathglass. I would like to know …, # on seaglass This piece it about the size of a letter button on a key board and actually looks like one but made from glass..Does anyone know what it would be from? ~ sea glass question submitted by Monique in Brooklyn NY Shard from Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY? Found on Hatteras Island. Purchasing from an ad on our site costs no more than directly and provides us with a few cents income. shard embossed “Atlanta” Hi! …, Help please, in dating a French Mediterranean clear corner shard  Found on a beach in the Gulf of St Tropez, south of France Mediterranean Sea. We live near Rockford Illinois and during some removal of old landscaping discovered this very large chunk of red glass along with very old seashells buried …, How Old is this Sea Glass Bottle?, and what is it? 2 - Gray? Sea Glass Question  Sea Glasbruk Glass Identification Guide + Gallery Back to Glass Encyclopedia Home Sea Glasbruk was founded in Sweden in 1956, and is still in production today. Please help identify this piece of sea glass found in Gloucester, MA. My question for you today is regarding this picture of a piece of sea glass found in Hilo on the beach of an old …, Bottle topper from 1900? Explore areas with bluffs or cliffs that back the beach. A green and clear Swedish cased glass vase. Glass is a little over 1/4 inch thick. Weirdest beach glass I've seen! What kind of bottle did this come from? May be start of a 6 to the right of B, that is were piece is broken Identify  Found in US, central NJ coast. "I found this glass screw-like object at the beach on the Texas City Dike on Galveston Bay, Texas. Small aqua bottom. Is this the year it was produced? I'm new to seaglassing, and I want to buy some tools to help me locate and enjoy my finds. Very thick, approx 1 1/2”long and 1”wide, light grey/clear in color, slight curve to the piece as well. One of our viewers, …, What is the origin of my sea glass are they natural or man tumbled? Anyone got a guess as to its origin? They are a gray in color; I have found gray seaglass before and …, Any ideas on where this pottery shard originally came from? I think some may be sea glass. $ 5.50 FREE shipping Sea Glass Photo Fabric Head Band/Alice Band, Unique Design Colourful Sea Glass Fabric with Scottish Blue Sea Glass Button Embellishment. It’s uneven in thickness, measures …, Can anyone help me identify this piece of glass? Help identifying piece of glass with symbol My son found this piece of glass on a beach in ns, canada. Most of the sea glass now discovered is some tint of white, however, among clear sea glass, there a varying values. A grey, white and clear Swedish cased glass sculpture bowl. I found this piece of white sea glass on a beach in Gloucester, Ma. Found along the southern coast of Maine. I found them on the beach in Queensport, Nova Scotia, Canada on two different occasions. It's a well rounded, fully frosted red piece with some type of uranium dioxide within it - it illuminates 2 Orange lines going across (as seen on the photo) …, What is this ? I can't remember exactly. One looks …, Ridged Glass Help Found on a Lake Ontario Beach near Rochester, NY yesterday (April 11,2016) ~ sea glass ID photos submitted by  Mike , New Haven, CT Sea Glass - What was this and how old? Let me know if you have any idea what it is from! April 14, 2016. Green Glass Shard with a Giraffe Head? (Ocean glass and lake glass would be easier to remember, but like glass, names aren’t always crystal clear!) Also, a light green glass with the number 8. Many strange findings Any identification on any of these strange things I collected a while ago from the beach and forgot I had them. Sun Glass: When you find a piece of lavender sea glass, or see an antique glass that is lavender in color, it is most likely "sun glass". I would love to know what to call it. The frosted clear piece was found on White Horse Beach, the other, Long Beach. Can anyone tell from this picture? See more ideas about sea shells, seashell identification, shells. Anyone have any idea of its possible origin? These are dark blue/purplish marbles. I found this butterfly on a Washington …, Beach Glass Mystery  ~ sea glass photos submitted by  Roger , Wisconsin USA Mar 26 2017 - Beach Glass Mystery? I've tried for …, Does anyone know what this is ? Piece found in La Jolla, CA. …, Teal Blue Sea Glass - a real stumper for me   ~ submitted by Holly in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii I live in Hilo, Hawaii. I was walking on the beach on Martha's Vineyard, MA and I came across this piece. It is about 1 inch by 1 3/4 inches. Found this in the Potomac River close to the Chesapeake …, Beach Rock Identification? Found on the beaches of Singer Island in Florida. Although this is not sea glass, I found this piece of glass and was wondering if anyone could identify it. What is this piece from? I found this strange piece on a Chesapeake Bay beach in Norfolk, VA and am not sure what it is. It's about 3.5" x 2" x 2" A purple and clear Swedish cased glass vase. "There is a small "k" in a …, What glassware did sea glass this chunky come from and what value would you put on this one yellow piece? Found August 16, 2020. Any ideas? This landing was a huge cotton port back …, Dark Olive Or Black Sea Glass? …, Can you identify these sea glass bolttle bottoms? I found this sea glass on 8/19/2020 in Church Cove, Bristol RI. Found a marble with frost, is it worth much? None of the pieces show any light through them so I'm guessing they might just be rocks. It is the bottom of a glass bottle, green, the symbol is a star with a circle and a number 2 in it. Found this shard and can’t find maker of what type of bottle it’s from. Very little sea glass is found along this shoreline, …, Not sure what this is, possibly stained glass? ~ sea glass photo submitted by  Leo Martinez , Hatillo, Puerto Rico Natural or man-made? ~ submitted by Jessica in Mayetta, New Jersey My friend and I found these pieces in Barnegat Light, NJ last week. Add your photo(s)! ). ~ sea glass identification question submitted by  Brooks Salopek , Whidbey Island, WA My son found this really cool piece on the shores of Whidbey …, Ships wheel sea glass bottle? Light greenish grey in color. Seaglass with glaze or coating? ~ photo was submitted by Lacey, San Pedro, CA USA Approximately 15 years ago I came across these, what I believe to be sea glass blocks, at …, WINDOW GLASS  Is there any way to date this piece? A purple and clear Swedish cased glass vase. Red glass was more abundantly made because it was a popular color for tableware, some bottles, and for utilitarian uses such as red warning lights (car tail lights, ship’s lanterns, railroad warning lights, etc. It has partial letters Sea and along the side it says Cincinnati and it's hard to read.

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