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basic karate moves for self defense

The hair grab is a very common attack perpetrated against women, and it can be used for both domination and abduction. The forearm strike is devastating because it is performed by closing into your aggressor. Bare hand striking means no punching to the face. ​. If you want to learn karate for self-defense, you want […] Right after, hit your opponent's face with an elbow strike with your rear arm. The elbow strikes is a short-range weapon, so it has to be used when the aggressor is close to you. I have chosen to present to you five Karate striking technique and five self-defense movements that I teach during self-defense seminars. Hold your guard. With the same hand, grab your opponent's neck, pull his head down/forward, and deliver a knee strike with your front leg to his body (of face if you can). Kick energetically and make contact with your lower shin area. This move can cause damage to the nose or throat. Daidojuku (or Kudo) karate is full contact style that isn't too popular outside of Japan yet. Makes counter-attacking quick as both hands are positioned close to the opponent's face. But within karate, there are many styles and offshoots. Mind you, this is when I was still actively training MMA. A successful forearm strike will definitely break an opponent of any size. PS: Although this movement looks similar to the forearm strike, it's different. Encourages you to use both hands into your defense. Karate isn’t just about offensive moves; you need to be able to defend yourself as well. It's important to understand that the goal is NOT to exchange blows with your attacker, BUT to escape and stay alive. At the same time, block the punch with both hands. — Partial or total reproduction or republication is strictly forbidden. Although similar, there are distinct differences in how their competitors fight. Immediately after impact, quickly 'separate' your hands and strike your attacker's neck with a forearm strike of your inside arm. Some styles focus more on the art aspect of martial arts, while other styles train for pugilistic effectiveness. With your other hand, palm strike your attacker's jaw, ear or temple (don't forget to rotate your body for momentum). Instead, the art consists of a few moves and techniques that are highly effective. Of course the only drawback is the tournament ruleset says no punches to the face so the majority of the time, kyokushin sparring is done without punches to the face. Hey, it's Martin, I hope you liked this article! Interested in seeing what a kyokushin sparring session is like? I said unique not because these are original techniques, they are not - but because their application is. To execute, get in front of your … Here I have chosen what are arguably the most common attacks perpetrated against men and women alike. GSP famously said in a post-fight interview that he's been hit harder in kyokushin than in his fight. The fact that this movement is very direct and easy to execute make it an excellent option for defending yourself. This is advantageous over other styles because students are constantly reminded to keep a high guard at all times. The thing here is to prevent being pulled: you wanna jump right in by closing the distance and hitting from the inside. In this article, I will cover the following: Even if you've never been in a situation where you were directly confronted with violence, these unique self-defense Karate moves will not only give you confidence but can make all the difference if an unfortunate circumstance ever happens. Obviously. Straight Punch. Kyokushin encourages meeting in the middle to trade shots so you will develop pain tolerance fast, but also learn really good punching and kicking techniques to inflict maximum carnage. //-->. The basic techniques are easy to learn, and they pave the way towards the advanced techniques that one sees the professionals performing. Right after impact, launch your rear palm strike to the nose or the jaw. Rotate your hips, push with your rear leg and keep your core stable. The video below shows some highlights from kudo tournaments. Rotate your hips for maximum power, keep your core solid and push with your rear leg. The forearm strike is a linear attack, whereas the elbow strike is a circular one. I know it's scary but, you have to get inside your opponent attack - its safer that just defending blows after blows. In MMA competition, you will find varying levels of striking ability, even at the pro level. Bend slightly forward and swing your rear forearm between your aggressor's legs, into his groin area. Video explains the basic fundamentals and techniques used for self-defense. Go in and keep your arms together, bent, and hit your aggressor's face, with your hands/forearms, momentarily making it challenging to see the follow-up attack. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. These cookies do not store any personal information. If you can connect with your strikes, it should give you a few precious seconds to make your escape (run). Your aggressor swings a punch to your head. All karate moves, even the most complicated ones, are built on the basic karate moves you will learn in the first months of training.

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