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coretec pro plus xl reviews

It comes with a 20 mil wear later as standard. I am almost 70 and its very hard to keep the floors looking halfway good. While you should always check the details of the warranty with your retailers as they may vary, in general, COREtec comes with a limited lifetime warranty for residential installations and a ten-year limited warranty for commercial installations. Just installed Coretec Plus flooring and it scratches extremely easily. It has held up perfectly and as expected. Side note: same as if you clean countertops with a cleaner they should also be wiped with water only (actually indicated in the directions.). The materials are also incredibly difficult to recycle. The 100% waterproof, pet and kid proof sounds awesome. We have Labrador Retrievers and they can’t scratch it. HD and colors. No scratches from the dog or shoes so far. We have the Coretec plus 7 inch wide planks. Like some of the others I spend a lot of time trying to make it look clean. Feel free to email me in a few weeks. Did you end up going with it? Are you happy with the lighter color? If anyone has an easy way to buff out the scratches, please let me know. With that big dog I wouldn’t get Coretec if I were you. So far this shows dog foot prints just as easily and then you can’t get rid of them. My only word of advice is to heed the advice about maintaining heating and cooling at consistent levels. We removed our hardwood flooring due to scratches from our dog. This product made the colors pop out and gave a nice shine to the floor like clear-coated lumber. We were careful about moving furniture but a grain of dirt underneath left a huge scratch. Several people spouting off here seem to be professional product bashers. I appreciate everyone’s comments, although it would be helpful to tell us which product you love or hate! I’m afraid to try it. We have many family members that visit over the summer months with pets and children. What is the noise factor of this floor? We have a dog who is always running around, no scratches made anywhere. Instead, use a diluted pH-neutral cleaner like Bona or Hilway. Not a mark on it and so easy to clean. I used a mop and light pad for cleaning. Also have a 90lb lab. Seams don’t go together property . So how do you feel now?? Did I ruin the finish by using cleaner or is something else going on? Three months, no scratches from the GSD chasing our cats. I love to go bare foot and it feels like walking on sand. I currently installed the Core Tec HD XL and am discovering scratches as well. Everyone comments on it when they see it saying “I love your wood floors,” then I educate them on vinyl. So 2 questions. I called the manufacturer to have them send out a rep to determine the problem and they will only deal with the distributor. Water marks stain. Ours, the most expensive type, are buckling and splitting in less than one year. My neighbor had his teeth removed and replaced with the white marble coretec plus HD and his smile looks fantastic and guess what, no scratches! It is a grey floor. The dull finish always looks dirty and it shows every single footstep. When compared to wood flooring, COREtec’s LVP flooring is extremely scratch-resistant. I can washed a section of the floor SEVEN times with a ph neutral cleaner and the terry mop cover (I have a few) is filthy in the same color of grey as the floor each time. Thank you so much! Will the people below be able to hear us walking in high heels? The waterproof means the Coretec floor planks can be removed, cleaned, dried and reinstalled. COREtec uses a 3mm cork pad rather than the standard 1.5mm pad, stating, “the patented COREtec construction has been enhanced to create a softer, warmer and quieter floor.”. So we called the company that installed it and they looked at it and felt that there is something wrong with the product. Are you happy or do you have regrets? If you like COREtec, this is the most affordable COREtec vinyl plank flooring for commercial settings. It sounds like there are good & bad batches of this flooring! We had Cortec Plus LVP Quincy Oak installed in our kitchen and bathroom 6 mos ago. Go here for how to care for your Coretec floor from the people who actually made it: Didn’t have the 20 mil wear layer either, only 12 mi. 3: Scratches easily: I keep my floor clean, but also have a Great Pyrenees dog, and 3 cats.. It’s funny watching my dog slip and slide trying to get traction when the doorbell rings . They are crazy players, all three, zooming through our house. If you use a cleaner not specifically noted by the manufactured, expect bad results. I invested in felt pads on all chairs, but if one little piece of sand gets under it, you wind up with a white scratch. It looks and feels just like wood but for about half the price that you can expect to pay for solid wood or even engineered wood flooring. Shiny for a few minute when you clean it . Planning on having many parties. I am now going to have to invest a lot of money to have rugs everywhere in the home. I am concerned about the hollow sound, too. But if you want to get the most out of your floors, there are a few general rules to follow to prevent damage. It does have dark areas as well, so I made black walnut thresholds into the surrounding rooms and it matches very well. We are going to deep dive into COREtec Plus in the following sections. I probably voided my lifetime warranty by top-coating the floor with Rejuvinate All Floor Restore from Home depot. I do agree that it does feel like walking on plastic while going barefoot (because that’s what the wear-layer basically is!).

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