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how to become a ski instructor

The other reason (and many would argue the main reason) for becoming a qualified ski instructor is to embark on a career of professional ski teaching. Welcome to the Professional Ski Instructors of America! You can also become a ski or snowboard instructor in the U.S. with EA Ski and Snowboard Training. The USA, or America as some people like to refer to it as has for a long period of time been seen as the pinnacle of skiing destinations, and ski instructor courses in the USA has resultantly been a popular choice for a huge number of people. I found the most solid route into this lifestyle was through the British Association of Ski Instructors (BASI). In most areas, in order to work as a ski instructor and find success, you will need to register with a governing body. The qualifications vary from resort to resort; however, there are a few essential steps that should be taken that will help make it possible to actually become a ski instructor. In Canada, tipping instructors is a common thing and many ski instructors have been known to almost double their wages with the tips they receive on the slopes, especially in private lessons. The Alpine Level 1 Assessment is the first step in your exciting career as a ski instructor. How to go about becoming a ski instructor “After some research, I discovered the Snow Sport Scotland, Artificial Slope Ski Instructor qualification (ASSI), which I booked. There are various different ones across the world, but in the USA the two major associations are the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) and the AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors). EA Ski and Snowboard Training’s four-week instructor course can help prepare you for your Level 1 certification and a career as a snow sports instructor – all in one winter season. If you’re new to PSIA/AASI, make sure to check out our New Member Guide ; there’s lots of great information to help you start your career as a ski instructor! To become a ski instructor, the first qualification you will need is a Level 1 ski instructor qualification.Once you have the qualification, you are slightly limited with where you can teach, but it is the first step on the route to becoming an internationally-recognised snowsports teacher. Ski instructors should practice their sport on a regular basis. For those who love to ski, becoming a ski instructor may be the next step to living a dream. Based in Scotland, they are an internationally recognised training and grading organisation that can take an advanced skier or snowboarder and train them up to the high standards that ski schools require. Ski instructor courses. How to become a ski instructor in the USA. That said, at the start of your career you can expect to earn little more than the Canadian minimum wage of … This was a while ago, but the course was 5 days long and on completion allowed me to teach in an artificial environment in the UK. Becoming a ski instructor in New Zealand is truly a win-win: You’ll get to explore a new country for months at a time, plus play in the snow during what would normally be summertime for North Americans.

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