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janome quilting ruler set

Incidentally you may be interested to know that the rulers in this pack were design by Leonie West, who is the designer of the popular Westalee rulers. Yes, you could use them on the Quilt Maker Pro 18 but we would rather recommend that you look at purchasing the slightly thicker rulers made especially for longarms. Ideally you want it close to your fabric, just skimming the surface, but not pressing right down into the fabric as you might get drag when quilting. Please consult the many posts we have done on janomelife on ruler quilting. No, this QR foot is only for the Mc15000 and MC9400 at this time. The Janome quilting rulers come with several lines marked on them which help you line the rulers up with previous stitching, any marking lines you’ve drawn on the quilt or the lines of your quilt blocks. I’m interested in trying ruler quilting. This kit is made up of six unique rulers with instructions on how to properly use each one. Is this ruler foot suitable for this model? As well as being able to use this ruler for straight lines the marked angles and ¼ inch lines on it let you line it up for cross hatching, echoing, and more. I did lower the feed dogs and it does not slide. The MC6700P comes standard with the Convertible Free motion foot set and all that needs to be added to this is the “ruler foot” attachment Part #767434005. Does it need the convertible free motion quilting foot? When free motion quilting if you are trying to create a repetitive design like clamshells for instance, a geometric design or even just a design with lines or curves it is very hard to keep the design accurate and perfectly repeating when doing it completely free hand. You will have a great deal of fun quilting with rulers and will love the neat results you will achieve. The recommended retail price is £79. I used each of these ruler to practice this technique which is new to me and here is the picture of my basic results: Janome thought of everything; to help the quilter– an instruction guide is included with the rulers. Yes, as they are high shank rulers and the Mc11000 is a high shank machine. I will say that the order of the written instructions is a little other than I would have expected so do flip through the whole book. THis is essential in order to do Rulerwork – the upgraded MC9400 will set up the machine for you and you wont have the foot too low – as you report. Needless to say there are almost endless possibilities, especially once you start combining rulers together in the same design. Stitch around the inside of this template to create simple flowers, repeating chains or wavy lines. I am referring to North America. The Ruler set for high shank models is the only set of rulers Jnaome currently has on offer. JANOME FOOT OF THE MONTH: APPLIQUE FOOT AP, JANOME RULER WORK FOOT QR AND QUILTING WITH RULERS, Saturday Sewing Holiday Projects #4: Reusable Christmas Cracker, Janome HQ’s Instagram LIVE TODAY, WEDNESDAY 1pm EST. Thank you for your interest and query. Are you accessing Ruler quilting through the Sewing applications menu? This is the centre ruler in my photo of the rulers above. It works great for my machine. You can of course adjust the foot height anyway if neither of those settings work for you. Is there a ruler foot for a Janome 8900QCP SE? I think the case would look lovely made in denim. For some models of Janome sewing machines, the foot ‘QR’ is the best choice. You already have the Convertible Free Motion foot set standard with your machine. I appreciate your time in responding! Yes, the Convertible Free motion foot set which comes with your MC7700 + the optional accessory “ruler” foot Part #767434005 does a great job of ruler quilting on this and many other models. Hi Alice, Is there a way to adjust the height to get the material to move easily under the ruler foot? Firstly, this helped me who where to move the ruler too when starting the next petal. The Janome Bulletin below is an excellent reference to consult to understand the importance of this foot and its operation. At the bottom of your screen you’ll see a picture of a foot with a double ended blue arrow after it. The QR foot is only for upgraded auto presser foot lift machines – the MC15000 and MC9400. Enter your email address to follow Janome Life and receive notifications of new posts by email. This pack allows you to create beautiful free motion quilting designs with the aid of rulers for precision. Thanks, Liz! Hey Liz, I am using the free motion quilting foot on my 6600p. I bought the upgrade kit and ruler set for my 9400. Is there anywhere online I can access them? The ruler I used to create my flower (below). Beverly, Thanks for the input. Janome Canada offers a set of six rulers to create unique patterns. Middle left of the image above showing all rulers in the set. - Designed & Developed by. © 2020 The Sewing Directory. Although this is billed as a 6-piece ruler work kit containing the 7 rulers detailed below. Under Downloads tab you will see Janome bulletin. Thank you, Liz! I did purchase the set as I have the Janome 15000v3. I do get Janome Life as you can see, and I enjoy all that comes along with that, but the Bulletin looks very interesting indeed. lower). Thank you. The rulers also have a handy pop out part on the side, that looks like a jigsaw piece, this allows you to move from one ruler to another without breaking your line of stitching. It is not so easy to stitch a freehand pattern, so Janome makes it easy for you to work with the ruler work function on the machine. Do these rulers work with the Janome Quilt Pro 18? I found when I was free motion quilting with the standard bobbin case I got little ‘eyelashes’ of thread on the back of my fabric, when using the free motion bobbin case it looks as good on the back as it does on the front. The clam shells are so uniform and line up perfectly, and it’s such an easy ruler to use and is great for an all over design like on my cushion cover below. I doubt very much we have separate instruction booklets or DVD’s available. A few things you need to know before you start using your rulers. Included is a DVD with instructions on how to make your very own Ruler Travel Folder taught by none other than Leonie West herself! Please ask your local Janome Dealer or Quilting store to source these for you and ensure they know you need rulers for a high shank model. You also get a free project included in the pack, in a booklet and on a dvd. Visit your local authorized Janome dealer to see his samples and get this set of rulers! Quilting >> Ruler work. If not, then you need to upgrade the machine exactly as directed in the booklet. There is also a very handy 7th ruler included in the kit, the 8.5 cross hairs ruler (the square one at the bottom of the picture above). Finding quality rulers for the longarm is proving to be a challenge. Not sure where you are located nor what Jnaome model machine you have but you can enquire at your local Janome dealer.

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