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They are a great addition to the home kitchen or professional kitchens alike. performance. From the field to the kitchen to walking into harm's way, Burt Foster Handmade Knives excel. And, when Tommy finished building the gate, he turned around and said, “ that looks better than I thought it would,” which is something I’ve heard him say more than once. Glenn Songer Let me say that Tommy is one of the very finest men I’ve ever known. Thank you. He was my friend, mentor and advisor. These grinders are the  best of the best. Custom Kitchen Knives. My love and prayers are with you and the family. Such a GREAT GREAT MAN. 6510 views - 0 comments Removing the 944 Flat Platen. Tommy was a huge inspiration to me in my life. Rest in peace my brother. I will always love and remember you & Trena. Shadowhawk Blades is a "backyard business" blacksmith shop located in North East Texas, just 90 minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Tommy, we weren’t done learning from you. To learn what is available right now, please call my knife shop at; 651-462-5301 or E-Mail me at [email protected] I will be happy to tell you about any, and all, custom knives, I … Melvin Gurganus So sorry to hear about Tommy, such a fine nice man. painstaking care is given to each step in the creation I shall always be grateful. If you have any questions, would like to have a custom knife made or just want to say “Hi” please go to my contact page. We had some great times! Lee Ann Walsh I wanted to let you know how thankful and grateful I am to have known you and for being such an opportunity giver to so many people including my family. Many of our knives are individually crafted works of art, but their beauty is just the beginning. Ann Ragan “Apparently heaven needed a new gate, so they called the one guy they knew could build it.” That’s the most accurate, beautiful sentiment I’ve ever read. April 22, 2016. The knife is called Fantasy Butterfly Knife... $1500. Jim Batson I have always cherished the times we spent together. He was a gentle person, willing to teach his craft to anyone willing to learn. There are not many that claim that!!! He lived life the way he wanted. You are welcome to contribute or apply for funds, please help spread the word. He was a friend to many. We apologize for the inconvience. What a legacy this amazing man left to this world. We recommend Burr King Grinders. He was a regular customer. If there is any consolation... Tommy was the best craftsman, one of the best knife makers, in the world! Ramelle Pulitzer Darn - so sorry to hear this news. Tommy is one of the best people I know. I’ve had such good and restful times staying in that downstairs bedroom. Knives Illustrated Magazine - Jan/Feb 2015 Issue, Fantasy Butterfly Knife  -  $ 1500. Please tell him that for me. Bill Sherrill It’s awful to see someone go through pain like Tommy. He was an innovator and inventor in the field and a wealth of knowledge when it came to all things metallic. He has been more patient with me than I’ve deserved, and has been so welcoming as I’ve learned to make knives. Many of the tools that helped get us to this point were purchased from him and his old blacksmith shop. material or photographs will need written permission. Tommy was my best friend. 5336 views - 0 comments Facebook Like Button . 5689 views - 1 comment Grinding on the 944 Flat Platen. Designed with functionality and edge retention in mind. McNabb, Charles (Tommy) please follow directions for paying at individual knife makers site. Ron Newton I am so sorry to hear this. My X-Rhea knife. Ozark Knife Makers Web Store. The Maker; Build A Knife; Contact; Hand Forged Knives High-Quality Craftsmanship from a Seasoned Bladesmith Start Your Build Meet the Maker. The best of custom made blades - In The Spotlight. who appreciate superb handling characteristics in I love You both. I invite you to look around, watch my videos and browse my galleries. Google Translator. Subscribe To Our Site. We just added new knives. I am a member of the Antique Bowie Knife Association, American Bladesmith Society and the Custom Knives Collectors Association. Each one of my knives is handmade by me - in my shop, from start to finish. THE “X-RHEA” KNIFE. I can only say I love him. Mother Nature cares for all of us who care for all her other creatures. Photograph by Chuck Ward. What a blessing he’s been in my life. Susannah Ravenswing I am deeply saddened to hear this. I think of our lovely time on Safari. Knifemaker/Blacksmith. Tommy is one of the main reasons Metalmorphosis is here and what we are today. Dark Timber Knife update! July 21, 2014.

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