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By Princeton Alumni Weekly. The acceptance rate at Princeton is 5.5%. Also included was the alumni interviewer’s report. By Princeton Alumni Weekly. Even better, Princeton has a no-loan policy and commits to meeting 100% of a student’s demonstrated need. Inside the Admission Office: How Colleges Decide Who to Admit Don Betterton Betterton College Planning [email_address] Read more letters from PAW readers and join the conversation by posting comments. The review was triggered by an unsuccessful applicant for admission who claimed discrimination against Asian Americans. “The question we’ve all had is to what end” students want to see their admission file, she said. The humorists at Tiger magazine offer a portrayal of how high school students imagine the admission process at Princeton. The Office of Admission resides within the Office of the Dean of the College, Full content of, Full content of /campus-life/student-profiles/sindiso-nyathi, Full content of /academics/faculty-profiles/suzanne-staggs, Full content of /academics/faculty-profiles/eddie-s-glaude-jr, © 2020 The Trustees of Princeton University, Joint Ivy Statement on Admission Policies, Latest Announcements Regarding COVID-19 and Policies. [CDATA[//>

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