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I used it on the 26 and 28 gauge wires, which tend to curl and bend a lot as you wire wrap. This was an extremely helpful tool for straightening wire when using the thinner jewelry wire gauges. Arrange the pieces of thick wire so that they are lined up without overlapping and then coil the thinner wire around several times. But over time, your designated studio space will fill up with beads, stones, and jewelry wire. All you need to Having said that, when you metalsmith you cut, drill, solder, pickle, finish and tumble your jewelry pieces, seemingly all at the same time. When you work with wire you move your arms a lot, so I chose a stool. It also requires a lot more bulk jewelry wire material for each piece of jewelry. It's worth spending $2-5 dollars on replacement jaws than ruin a beautiful finish to me. Setting up a studio or work area is simple. Tips on Tables and Chairs. Built on the Genesis Framework. When you work with wire you move your arms a lot, so I chose a stool. I also added in some sterling silver beads, ear wires and moonstones as finishing touches. I suggest, when you first start out that you place everything you need in a container with wheels. We've covered the studio area, gauges of wire, beginner tools and some materials that you can use when wire wrapping. I practiced this on a couple of copper pieces and played with sterling silver wire to make wire bails and tight loops. Frames give strength and structure to a piece, and so they're very important when wrapping wire. The first five suggested items listed below are already included in the kit shown above. Wire-Wrapping for Beginners – UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020: Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Wire for Wire-Wrapping: Wire-Wrapping Tutorials: DIY Jewelry Kits on Etsy, Wire-Wrapping Tutorials: 13 DIY Wire-Wrapped Pendants, Wire-Wrapped Ring Tutorials: How to Wire-Wrap Rings, Wire-Wrapping Tutorials: 17 DIY Wire-Wrapped Earrings. Wrapping wire will work harden it. I merged that with a basic wire wrapping technique, holding the stone tightly in place and finishing with a swirl in the front. It's just a few tools, copper or sterling silver wire and whatever materials you want to wrap. For a few days, I played in the studio learning how to wire wrap with copper and sterling silver wires. Place your steel bench block on the sandbag before hammering. During every stage, I practiced with copper wire first and then refined my sterling silver pieces by using the copper models. This adds a nice decorative touch while also using the end of the wire to finish the piece. Have you ever thought about wire wrapping before? The absolute basic materials you need to begin wire wrapping are wire, a cutter and something to wrap. What You'll Need to Start Wire Wrapping. They're made with thicker gauged wire, while the thinner gauges are used for more intricate details. Wire weaving is definitely a more advanced technique that takes patience and practice. We had a new wire wrapping kit that came in and I wanted to look at the book: "Moods in Wire" by Ellsworth "Ed" Sinclair that was included and check out the tools. Unless your bench block is scratched or has deep marks in it, the steel face along with a rawhide hammer will keep your piece from marring. I honestly wasn't sure how I would like it, but I really ended up loving this craft! Start winding the 1/2 round wire around the bundle, but stop every time you make a turn and give the wires a gentle squeeze with the flat nose pliers. The video below covers the kit and tools plus I browse through the pages of the book. I began by learning about frames. Don't be overwhelmed! When it becomes too hard to work with, it will break in half, so take care not to bend it unnecessarily. Another wonderful perk is that you can wrap all kinds of things: found objects, semi-precious stones (with or without holes) and of course, beads. Wire-Wrapping Tools and Supplies: A complete list of tools and supplies that you’ll need to get started in wire-wrapping. I tackled it by first learning the basics. Objects to wrap are completely up to you! This advanced wire wrapping kit (available through many online suppliers) includes all of the basic supplies, a step-by-step book: Moods in Wire, plus some of the additional suggestions I've listed a little later. The thinnest gauge I had for the copper leaves was 22 gauge, but when I re-designed the earrings using sterling silver I used 26 gauge for the detailed work. Ready to wire wrap? They're not critical when starting out, but helpful, unless you are going to make finger rings, then the ring mandrel should be under the basic wire wrapping supply list. I found that this experience was completely different than what I was accustomed too and the change of pace was nice. Have fun, I sure did! It also covers some of the jewelry pieces that I made including the wire gauges used for each piece. If you tend to do that, lay your piece of jewelry down occasionally and then walk around and stretch a bit. What Jewelry Wire Gauge & Hardness Do You Need? To start wrapping a stone for a pendant, cut three or four long pieces of your thicker wire and a piece of your thin wire. Don't be overwhelmed! While I'm writing articles at my desk, I catch myself staring down into the studio longing to work at the jewelry bench instead. Possibly you don't know where to start or what tools you'll need. Trim and tuck sharp ends. Although it will ultimately be your choice, here are some suggestions when choosing wire gauges. So for those two or three days, I watched tutorials online, browsed through the book, and played with different wire gauges, beads, and stones. Prevent this by using a sound dampening leather sandbag! or, even better, while sitting in a booth at a jewelry show. Last, but not least, I'll show you how to make jump rings and earwire hoops. Store all of your supplies in there and wheel it everywhere you need too. You'll need a kitchen table, coffee table or desk to sit at plus have a comfortable chair to sit on. Many of these jewelry making tools you probably already own. You can find semi-precious stones with or without holes, sterling silver beads, copper beads, crystals, cabochons, found objects... etc. Get prepared with this article! Briolettes, cabochons and gemstones are ideal for wire wrapping, but with some planning and creativity, you can wire wrap almost anything. Choosing your tools can be daunting, however, below I have listed the basic jewelry tools you'll need to get started. Hammering can be very loud. Also, keep your wire as straight as possible before you start bending it. First of all, there aren't a lot of jewelry tools that you need. Setting up a studio or work area is simple. Wire-Wrapping for Beginners – UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020: My most popular blog post chalk full of free resources, tips and tricks for you to start wire-wrapping. There were online tutorials on covering basic techniques that guided me along the way. But until that comes, a small storage container is perfectly fine. Anytime you start anything new, it can be intimidating, I know. I can't stress this enough when you're first learning practice with copper before moving on to ;sterling silver wire. Wrap a stone or bead while watching T.V. Secondly, you can enjoy this art doing it almost anywhere. Don't get me wrong, metalsmithing will always be my favorite thing to do. You'll need a kitchen table, coffee table or desk to sit at plus have a comfortable chair to sit on.

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