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new zealand deer hunting

With a rich history of been a highly regarded hunting destination, it was quoted by famous hunting author T.E. Tops: Hunting the tops in New Zealand can be the easiest hunt you have ever done (if you decide to fly in), but if you decide to walk up the victory tastes even sweeter after all the hard work to get up.Once you are at the tops you can easily navigate along the hill faces and keep an eye on the tree line. As well as the opportunity to harvest those 3 species, Hunting Downunder Ltd provides hunts for 'Whitetail Bucks', 'Sambar Stags' and 'Wapiti Bulls' – otherwise know as 'Elk'. So the best option for visitors who want to try a spot of hunting is to go with a qualified New Zealand license holder such as a specialised hunting tour. is owned and operated by Danielle Wilson, together with her family they have been in the hunting business over 30 years, specialising exclusively in quality hunt packages for the North American hunter for the past 30 years.. Based out of Geraldine and Pleasant point in the centre of South Island … The main hunting season is between late February and the beginning of August when red stag, sika, and fallow deer are in hard antler. The Ultimate New Zealand Hunting Experience. The Fallow is also the smallest of the deer species in NZ, and many would agree the best eating. Different species of deer can be found in hard antler practically all-year round in New Zealand. With over 3,000 acres of prime New Zealand wilderness, hunting at Poronui requires skill, technique and patience. New Zealand has the only herds of white-tail deer in the southern hemisphere! Hunting independently in New Zealand needs to be planned well in advance of arrival, as you need a visitor’s firearms license before you can apply for the New Zealand hunting licenses. New Zealand has a unique range of large game that has been introduced and adapted to the environment. Fallow Deer (or Dama dama) were one of the first deer species to be successfully introduced into New Zealand. Whatever your passion, our guests talk of the magic of hunting in New Zealand – the breathtaking locations, the genuine Kiwi warmth, and the camaraderie they share with guides and fellow adventurers. Hunting is primarily spot and stalk and method of take can be bow or rifle. Donne in his book Red Deer Stalking in New Zealand, "the best stalking in the North Island is obtainable on that great expanse of country known as Te Awaiti on the eastern coast." The original species introducted in 1905 still exists there today living in heavy cover … Northland, New Zealand • Hunting Downunder Ltd can offer Deer Hunts with 6 of these 7 species to hunt, with the magestic Red Stag usually being the main quarry. There are two times of the year when hunting is easier.The first is in Spring when during November and December red deer are attracted out of the forest to …

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