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standard architectural drawing list

7. Use the AIA manual to look up standard dimensions of bricks. I am happy to take one for the team and share my layer standards, but now you owe me. It is the A/E’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the NCS. The PBS CAD Standards set mandatory procedures for architects/ engineers (A/E's) to follow for the creation and delivery of all CAD drawings to GSA. Add the chimney from the Basement Plan in the utility room. 5. Underline the drawing title as specified following standard Architectural Symbols and Conventions. Architectural drawing symbols form an important role in any architecture drawing and help to define elements such as floor levels, lighting types and service locations. Architectural drawing sizes are based on the ARCH scale, while engineering drawing paper sizes are based on the ANSI scale. It is important to note that the Standards require that A/E's must use the United States National CAD Standard® (NCS). Add appropriate architectural hatching symbols for the building materials. Drawing Alignment and Notes. The standard sizes for architectural plans and engineering plans are different, so it will depend on what type of drawing you’re looking at. 3 CAD Layer Name: Major Group A I - W A L L - F U L L - D I M S - N The mandatory Major Group field is a four-character field that identifies a major building system. Documentation and Specifications 1. The prescribed Major Group field codes (four-character abbreviations) show on the Layer List are logically grouped with specific discipline designators. Previous entries include: Reflected Ceiling Plans. Line Weight Cheers, This is the 4th entry in Architectural Graphics 101. 6.

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