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swinhoe pheasants for sale

The long central tail feather is white. There are many reasons to raise ornamental pheasants, not the least of which is their undeniable beauty. For Sale Pheasants. ... First described in 1872 by Robert Swinhoe who named this pheasant after American ornithologist Daniel Giraud Elliot. Males have bright red facial skin, wattles, and legs. MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc has been in the game bird business since 1929. Listed as near threatened. The Swinhoe Pheasants are slightly larger than the equally rare Mikado Pheasant and the similar Edwards Pheasant and also differ in having a short white crest, a blue head, neck and breast - andthe red face wattles are much more developed. We expect to have the following pheasants for sale in 2020. From the spectacular Red Gold Pheasant to the cold-loving Eared Pheasants there are almost endless species, color mutations and variations of pheasants. 2020 Pheasant Price List. As some of the more unusual pheasants are in high demand we do advise letting us know early, if you are interested in the rarer species, so we can add you to a waiting list for them. Red Golden Colorful pheasant native to western China. Ornamental Pheasants for sale. The 85 years of experience not only helps us in producing and raising the best birds on the market, it allows us to supply our customers with the best service after the sale as well. Swinhoe's Pheasants are large, brilliantly colored birds. A very hardy bird and great for beginners. Common ornamental pheasants are hardy and require little care. Swinhoe's Pheasants Lophura swinhoii Although native to the forest-jungles of Taiwan, Swinhoe's Pheasants are easily tamed and do well in captivity.

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