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white or red oak for furniture

Red Oak Furniture Characteristics. It is remanufactured into flooring, furniture, general millwork, boxes, pallets and crates, caskets, wooden ware and handles. Within each of these groups are about 20 species that are commercially used for lumber. Skip To: Oak Stain Colors Refinishing Oak Desk Staining Oak. Red oak, also known as black oak, has a pinkish hint and is more popular than white oak, which has a slightly greenish cast. The grain pattern can help hide minor dents and wear. Grain Identification of White Oak vs Red Oak . White oak is much more resistant to rot, and is suitable for water-holding applications, boatbuilding, outdoor furniture, etc. Red oak should only be used for interior pieces such as cabinets, indoor furniture, flooring, etc. Tone Orange-reddish hue with the sapwood being white to light brown. Red oak is well suited for furniture, flooring, cabinets, cabinet doors and paneling, and is available at most home centers. This cannot be done with White Oak. We divide the many species of oak (genus name is Quercus) into two basic groups: Red oak and white oak. Red Oak Differences & Applications (Furniture, Flooring, Cabinets etc) The usual purposes for red oak are often quite different than those for white oak. Red oak is an open-grained wood with very large pores. Red oak is largely cut into lumber, railroad ties, mine timbers, fenceposts, veneer, pulpwood and fuelwood. Refinishing With a Red Oak Stain. This wood type is favorite choice for mission and arts & crafts styled homes. Oak is the hardwood most commonly used for fine, durable furniture. A very hard and heavy wood oak can be found in red and white varieties throughout North America and Europe. The stain absorbs into this open grain pattern becoming darker where the grain is close and lighter where the grain is more open. On the other hand, white oak is a close-grain wood that is almost impervious to water. Durability Very durable with good wear-resistance. The pores are so large, some people say you can blow into one end of the wood and air will come out on the opposite end. When examined closer, the pores of red oak and white oak are very different. Grain Pronounced opened grain. White oak, as compared to red oak, is water tight and is used to make wine and whiskey barrels. White oak tends to be more dense, while red oak is a … Oak stain usually comes in red, pink, brown or white. Paired with furniture with mortise and tenon joinery or slats and corbels, this can add a craftsmen style look to your home. Quarter Sawn White Oak Quarter Sawn White Oak offers a unique look with the linear grain pattern. Red oak is not suitable for tight cooperage or exterior work. Red oak stain is the most common choice though because of its aged yet still elegant look.

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